She walked upon this earth, a woman blessed

From humble beginnings,

She prepared for her journey

With Knowledge

Knowledge was accompanied by faith

A humble nature

A strong spirit

Along her path were many trials

The struggle to expand her knowledge-to teach others

A world at war, then and again

The loss of a husband-through separation, then death

The burden of rearing children– largely alone

Though the trials occurred

She moved along her path- with a spirit free of troubles

She was far too busy-Teaching- Caring-Giving-Loving

She left behind for her children, and grand children

And all who knew her, a model of quiet dignity

Ethical behavior

And a steadfast love for her God and Savior

So lest anyone mistake her passing

As tragic and sad- you should know

Mother is happy and singing God’s praises

In Heaven as she did here below!

Bill Kinkade

December, 1989

Written for Sherri’s mother

I hope it speaks to others

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Dumbing Down

Many developments in society is often blamed for “dumbing down society”.  We know that it is a combination of habits introduced to us in seemingly harmless manner.  Then it is at some point we begin to realize the negative effect a certain practice may have on us.

The current contest between the Republican candidates has brought something to my attention regarding the media.  Specifically Television Media.

It first caught my attention when the Arizona Governor was shone wagging her finger at President Obama.  Right after this picture appeared, and the commentary was starting to heat up, I saw Governor Brewer being interviewed, and the reporter asked her if she was being disrespectful to the president.  Her answer seemed very sincere when she explained that she would never be disrespectful to the president.  She explained that she is very animated when she talks and uses her hands in the act of expressing herself.  She said at the time shown in the picture, she was explaining the critical conditions on the border between Arizona and Mexico and thought it important he go there and see it for himself.

I thought the explanation was reasonable and believable.  I was surprised when all the media picked up on the picture and ran with the story of a governor scolding the president.  I kept thinking somebody would resurrect the explanation and balance the story so that “we consumers” of the news could choose which version we believed.  But, alas, the balance was not to be had.  Not even on Fox News Channel, which usually is pretty balanced.

Careful analysis led me to research how photographers gather pictures at any photo-op of a governor and the president.  Click, click, click, click, as fast as the camera can run.  The picture we saw, was one of dozens taken in a time frame of one or two seconds.  Then the photographer and/or editor selects the one that best tells the story the want to tell.   Today the compelling story is the one that will sell the most 15, 30, or 60 second slots of commercials for the longest period of time or the number of papers.  (For the technically challenged)

Then a week ago, Romney was shown saying he didn’t care about poor people.  Without seeing the entire statement, sounds pretty bad, right!  Even the entire statement could have been expressed more diplomatically but for the most part we only saw the six word cut that said he wasn’t concerned about poor people.  Did we ever see him express his concern for “the middle class?”

These are just two examples of how the media feed us information to accomplish their own agenda and the ever skillful art of editing pictures to convey a specific message or part of a quote to represent a message.  I’m all for businesses to make as much profit as is legally available, however the phenomenon of the news media being a “business” has evolved in my lifetime and the implications of this status has profound implications for the “consumers of the news”.  If we depend on the journalistic integrity of our news sources to fully inform us of the truth, so we can make informed decisions on the issues of our day, the media must find it’s way back to objectively informing us of the facts.  This change of course for commercial journalism must include a re-separation of reporting the news from the editorial opinion of what the news means and the discipline must be re-taught at J-school.  The correction is vital to prevent all of us from becoming robots, programmed to react in predictable ways to the snippets of concocted information fed to us in small doses to minimize the amount of thought to reach an opinion.

We know that any organ of our bodies that is not used will atrophy and become useless.  The brain is no exception.  Only two examples are used here, but there are numerous examples occurring daily.  Find and make your own list of examples.  Share them with people you regularly engage with in “idea exchanges”, and with me.  There is no legitimate ideological aspect to this exercise.  Only the quest for the truth and the individual liberty to seek it.  Good hunting!

Bill Kinkade


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My Father—A Life Unique!!

MY Father—A Life Unique

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My Father—A life Unique!!

My blog today is a piece I wrote about my father in 1986.  I read it to him and gave him a copy shortly before he died and then read it at his funeral.  I have decided to publish it after all these years and much encouragement.   I have now written a 12 page commentary on each “thought point” in preparing for publication.  Your thoughts and comments are sincerely solicited.

Bill Kinkade

My Father—A Life Unique

It’s as if he were woven— as fabric  from the community in which he was reared.

Only the choicest threads were used, each one carefully selected

and used with extreme skill

Through the lean — hard years — the material was tested and proved

Strong — Resillient— Honest.

His fortune grew with time and great effort, but was exceeded by his humanity

His education was limited, but his knowledge was great—-and soon recognized.

For all he had received –He gave!

To his Wife— Love – Honor – Respect

To his Children — Lessons – Opportunities – Discipline

To his Relatives — Generosity – Tolerance – History

He did not wait for life to give him shape

Rather — the strength and quality of the fabric shaped his life.

It allowed him to see the needs of his community — Honest Service

It caused him to perform with — Integrity

It guided him among us in dealings — that when finished- there was

never cause for him  to lower his gaze or apology make.

We may not know the Weaver — Nor truly comprehend the process

That placed him with us — Exposed us to him.

Though we know we are richer from the acquaintance —

in our deepest thoughts we still ask– Who was this man– really?

The answers are as numerous as the fibers– interwoven in our experiences with him.

But one – comforting — fulfilling — sustaining — awareness remains

This Man Was My Father—I hope he was and is Yours!!

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Freedom is unalienable and not up for legislative grab!I

SOPA AND PIPA  are the names of two bills in the congress that propose to limit the activities in the  internet.  There is no doubt that you and I would be happy if some things on the internet were not there.  This proposed law making is deceiving, in that it, like so much legislation, goes much farther than any except special interests want.  The answer much legislation offers to any social problem today is to hand the solution off to the trial lawyers, thus making the process prohibitingly expensive and not very meaningful to ones originally suffering from the original problem.

Living in the complicated world that exists today is difficult and requires more from each individual just to cope.  That’s not too different than it’s always been.  Life has grown more difficult as our abilities and creative powers have grown.  It’s not natural for us to reach back to the way things were 100 years ago.  God gave humans a unique to learn and re-create their knowledge base at ever increasing speeds.  This makes the problems we face seem overwhelming at times.  An increasingly tempting offering in this age is our government’s eager offer to take our burdens of how to cope and trust them to make it all go away.  The internet, with all it’s faults, has advanced our ability to learn at a rate faster by far than any other single event in the history of mankind.  Do we want the government(anybody’s government) to decide the rate and the content of that flow of information?

We must be aware that the most essential ingredient in ability is power.  Our constitution gave very limited power to our federal government, a little more to the individual states, and all remaining power left to individual citizens.  Our members of Congress have become ever ready to take our problems (along with our power) and fashion instant remedies for our difficulties and let the courts and the lawyers iron out the wrinkles.

We must take back the power to deal with the problems caused by our progress.  That means that the positives and the negatives will not always be balanced but we will posses the ability to work at the problem until we find the right solution.   In today’s high-tech world the solution to the problem will of come from the same technology thhan enabled the problem to begin with.  Tell your congressman to be cautious about transferring your rights to the federal government.

Remember the quote, “All power corrupts–Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Bill Kinkade

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Introduction to Arkansas Knights

I am pleased to present a synopsis of my novel; Arkansas Knights.  The book was first published about three months ago and has been well received.  However, after some thought, I decided the story needed improvement and a more expanded ending.  For all who purchased the book, I sincerely thank you and will give you a complimentary copy of my second edition.  I have made some changes thru-out the book and added about 70 pages.  If you haven’t bought AK yet, the 2nd edition should be done about Feb. 1, 2012.  Thank you for all the positive feedback.  Keep it coming on Edition #2.  You can order the book thru Amazon, Kindle, Google Book Store, Powell Books and most any major chains.

Arkansas Knights!

World War 1 was over and the United States of America was growing.  New states had been established and offered new opportunities to those who would claim them.

They came; from the coal mines in the east and the cities of the north; and they came back from the battlefields of Europe.  They carried the scars – emotional and physical – from their past, to mix with their dreams of the future.

Like Knights of old, they went out across the land to produce change; not always understanding that change creates turmoil and conflict.  They shook off the restraints of the order that controlled them where they had been, and found Arkansas accommodated their quest for change.

Orville Carson walked out of the deadly depths of the West Virginia coal mine in search of an easier life above ground.  He was void of most human emotions except one-greed.  That one emotion drove him to brutal, unspeakable acts against weaker, powerless humans.  It also brought unpredictable wealth and power, and ultimate ruin.

Blake Stevens walked away from his old man’s ranch in North Dakota, understanding there would never be anything there for him except a job.  He worked his way south, seeking an opportunity for more.  He found it in Arkansas; but what he found soon carried him farther and faster than he could control.  His new life brought money, cars, beautiful women, exceeding anything known to the cowboys in North Dakota.  But, were the costs worth the rewards, and could he afford them, to save the woman he came to love.

Jessica Crawford and Gabrielle Fleming came to Arkansas from opposite worlds.

Jessica was sold into a common-law marriage by a moonshiner father.  When the chance came to free herself from abuse and poverty in exchange for sexual pleasure, she didn’t hesitate.

Gabrielle had always been surrounded with wealth and men.  The men who desired her body as well as her brain, had always showered her with the luxuries and pleasures wealth can buy.  In Arkansas, wealth of her own became a reality, along with a man she truly loved, as none before.

Glen Wiggs returned to his home state of Arkansas after serving his country in the fight in the war to end all wars.  By coincidence, he served as an Army Chaplin, comforting and praying over the wounded and the dead.  Back home in Arkansas, he met the girl of his dreams and made a commitment to her, God, and a better future for the people of Arkansas.

They were in a new land and made their own rules to satisfy circumstances.  In time they would come to understand that all power corrupts—and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They were the “Arkansas Knights” and this is their story.

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