Focus on Washington (Wa. not DC)

Everybody has their political radar tuned to the antics of President Obama on the left and the dizzying rise and fall of the (how many are there?) republicans seeking the mandate to oppose him.  It’s the way of the media to keep our attention on this political battleground, because it is simpler and less expensive to cover one theater of operation than fifty states, and the many campaigns in each.

While the presidential campaign is facinating, there are campaigns being formed in many of the states that may produce as much, or more, real impact on the electorate.  One example is in the state of Washington, in the contest for Governor.  The present governor, Christine Gregiore, is finishing her second term, which began under a controversial result of vote counts in the 2008 election.  Her eight years as governor was marked by legislation and policies that many vue as destructive to our basic rights and long term prosperity of our economy.

Simultaneously, Rob McKenna is completing his second term as Washington Attorney General and has begun an aggressive campaign for governor.  During his tenure as AG, McKenna joined six other AGs in the lawsuit against the implimentation of “Obama-care” health plan.  One of the provisions that disturb McKenna most is the mandate for individuals to purchase the insurance product; a clear indicator of McKenna’s concern for constitutional compliance of any law.

There are many actions taken by McKenna during the two terms as Attorney General that indicate his basic principles that would guide him as governor.  In this blog, I will attempt to relay those principles to my readers and illustrate why it is so important we not get so preoccupied with presidential politics that we ignore a contest, the outcome of which may have equal, and as negative an impact on Washingtonians.



About pen4free

Retired and live in Woodland, Wa. with my wife, Sherri Adams. Since retiring, I have been writing. Two novels, "Arkansas Knights" and "Two Minutes To Live--Ten Seconds To Die". Arkansas Knights has been published and Two Minutes will be soon. My working life included some heavy involvement in political campaigns. Among others, was Richard Nixons campaign in 1960, & 72. Historical-first write-in campaign for Linda Smith for Congress and many more lesser known. My extensive work in industrial security and crime fighting from the private side of enforcement, gives me an insiders understanding of the problems of law-enforcement in todays "P C" world.
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2 Responses to Focus on Washington (Wa. not DC)

  1. johnnycat says:

    We have to get rid of the system that calls itself the Federal Reserve, which is a joke because there is no reserve, only newly printed money to bailout big business. 700 billion for TARP, which we all saw happen. As recently revealed, they also gave the big banks 7.7 TRILLION in 2008, at 0.01% interest.

    The government loaned a ton of freshly printed money to the banks at zero interest, which the banks then loaned to the government at standard interest, and we wonder why our economy is in the dumpster?

  2. pen4free says:

    The most insidious way for the government to take away the citizens liberty is by destroying the value of their money. If you had saved $1.00 in 1970 and given it to your bank to hold for you and you withdrew that dollar today, it would have shrunk by 85%. You would now have .15 cents in purchasing power. As radical as some believe it to be, going back to the Gold Standard may be the only effective way to put restraints on our Federal Government.

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