Introduction to Arkansas Knights

I am pleased to present a synopsis of my novel; Arkansas Knights.  The book was first published about three months ago and has been well received.  However, after some thought, I decided the story needed improvement and a more expanded ending.  For all who purchased the book, I sincerely thank you and will give you a complimentary copy of my second edition.  I have made some changes thru-out the book and added about 70 pages.  If you haven’t bought AK yet, the 2nd edition should be done about Feb. 1, 2012.  Thank you for all the positive feedback.  Keep it coming on Edition #2.  You can order the book thru Amazon, Kindle, Google Book Store, Powell Books and most any major chains.

Arkansas Knights!

World War 1 was over and the United States of America was growing.  New states had been established and offered new opportunities to those who would claim them.

They came; from the coal mines in the east and the cities of the north; and they came back from the battlefields of Europe.  They carried the scars – emotional and physical – from their past, to mix with their dreams of the future.

Like Knights of old, they went out across the land to produce change; not always understanding that change creates turmoil and conflict.  They shook off the restraints of the order that controlled them where they had been, and found Arkansas accommodated their quest for change.

Orville Carson walked out of the deadly depths of the West Virginia coal mine in search of an easier life above ground.  He was void of most human emotions except one-greed.  That one emotion drove him to brutal, unspeakable acts against weaker, powerless humans.  It also brought unpredictable wealth and power, and ultimate ruin.

Blake Stevens walked away from his old man’s ranch in North Dakota, understanding there would never be anything there for him except a job.  He worked his way south, seeking an opportunity for more.  He found it in Arkansas; but what he found soon carried him farther and faster than he could control.  His new life brought money, cars, beautiful women, exceeding anything known to the cowboys in North Dakota.  But, were the costs worth the rewards, and could he afford them, to save the woman he came to love.

Jessica Crawford and Gabrielle Fleming came to Arkansas from opposite worlds.

Jessica was sold into a common-law marriage by a moonshiner father.  When the chance came to free herself from abuse and poverty in exchange for sexual pleasure, she didn’t hesitate.

Gabrielle had always been surrounded with wealth and men.  The men who desired her body as well as her brain, had always showered her with the luxuries and pleasures wealth can buy.  In Arkansas, wealth of her own became a reality, along with a man she truly loved, as none before.

Glen Wiggs returned to his home state of Arkansas after serving his country in the fight in the war to end all wars.  By coincidence, he served as an Army Chaplin, comforting and praying over the wounded and the dead.  Back home in Arkansas, he met the girl of his dreams and made a commitment to her, God, and a better future for the people of Arkansas.

They were in a new land and made their own rules to satisfy circumstances.  In time they would come to understand that all power corrupts—and absolute power corrupts absolutely. They were the “Arkansas Knights” and this is their story.


About pen4free

Retired and live in Woodland, Wa. with my wife, Sherri Adams. Since retiring, I have been writing. Two novels, "Arkansas Knights" and "Two Minutes To Live--Ten Seconds To Die". Arkansas Knights has been published and Two Minutes will be soon. My working life included some heavy involvement in political campaigns. Among others, was Richard Nixons campaign in 1960, & 72. Historical-first write-in campaign for Linda Smith for Congress and many more lesser known. My extensive work in industrial security and crime fighting from the private side of enforcement, gives me an insiders understanding of the problems of law-enforcement in todays "P C" world.
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