Freedom is unalienable and not up for legislative grab!I

SOPA AND PIPA  are the names of two bills in the congress that propose to limit the activities in the  internet.  There is no doubt that you and I would be happy if some things on the internet were not there.  This proposed law making is deceiving, in that it, like so much legislation, goes much farther than any except special interests want.  The answer much legislation offers to any social problem today is to hand the solution off to the trial lawyers, thus making the process prohibitingly expensive and not very meaningful to ones originally suffering from the original problem.

Living in the complicated world that exists today is difficult and requires more from each individual just to cope.  That’s not too different than it’s always been.  Life has grown more difficult as our abilities and creative powers have grown.  It’s not natural for us to reach back to the way things were 100 years ago.  God gave humans a unique to learn and re-create their knowledge base at ever increasing speeds.  This makes the problems we face seem overwhelming at times.  An increasingly tempting offering in this age is our government’s eager offer to take our burdens of how to cope and trust them to make it all go away.  The internet, with all it’s faults, has advanced our ability to learn at a rate faster by far than any other single event in the history of mankind.  Do we want the government(anybody’s government) to decide the rate and the content of that flow of information?

We must be aware that the most essential ingredient in ability is power.  Our constitution gave very limited power to our federal government, a little more to the individual states, and all remaining power left to individual citizens.  Our members of Congress have become ever ready to take our problems (along with our power) and fashion instant remedies for our difficulties and let the courts and the lawyers iron out the wrinkles.

We must take back the power to deal with the problems caused by our progress.  That means that the positives and the negatives will not always be balanced but we will posses the ability to work at the problem until we find the right solution.   In today’s high-tech world the solution to the problem will of come from the same technology thhan enabled the problem to begin with.  Tell your congressman to be cautious about transferring your rights to the federal government.

Remember the quote, “All power corrupts–Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Bill Kinkade


About pen4free

Retired and live in Woodland, Wa. with my wife, Sherri Adams. Since retiring, I have been writing. Two novels, "Arkansas Knights" and "Two Minutes To Live--Ten Seconds To Die". Arkansas Knights has been published and Two Minutes will be soon. My working life included some heavy involvement in political campaigns. Among others, was Richard Nixons campaign in 1960, & 72. Historical-first write-in campaign for Linda Smith for Congress and many more lesser known. My extensive work in industrial security and crime fighting from the private side of enforcement, gives me an insiders understanding of the problems of law-enforcement in todays "P C" world.
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