She walked upon this earth, a woman blessed

From humble beginnings,

She prepared for her journey

With Knowledge

Knowledge was accompanied by faith

A humble nature

A strong spirit

Along her path were many trials

The struggle to expand her knowledge-to teach others

A world at war, then and again

The loss of a husband-through separation, then death

The burden of rearing children– largely alone

Though the trials occurred

She moved along her path- with a spirit free of troubles

She was far too busy-Teaching- Caring-Giving-Loving

She left behind for her children, and grand children

And all who knew her, a model of quiet dignity

Ethical behavior

And a steadfast love for her God and Savior

So lest anyone mistake her passing

As tragic and sad- you should know

Mother is happy and singing God’s praises

In Heaven as she did here below!

Bill Kinkade

December, 1989

Written for Sherri’s mother

I hope it speaks to others


About pen4free

Retired and live in Woodland, Wa. with my wife, Sherri Adams. Since retiring, I have been writing. Two novels, "Arkansas Knights" and "Two Minutes To Live--Ten Seconds To Die". Arkansas Knights has been published and Two Minutes will be soon. My working life included some heavy involvement in political campaigns. Among others, was Richard Nixons campaign in 1960, & 72. Historical-first write-in campaign for Linda Smith for Congress and many more lesser known. My extensive work in industrial security and crime fighting from the private side of enforcement, gives me an insiders understanding of the problems of law-enforcement in todays "P C" world.
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