with the input provided by cable TV, cable radio and the Internet it’s hard to sort out the things that happened to us and identify accurately what is the worst thing that happens to us each day. I just watched and had the from the people who are furious over the taxpayer dollars that were in and tested in the Solyndra energy fiasco and then immediately a program dealing with the pending Senate inquiry tomorrow on the M F Global scandal where it is apparent investors monies were mingled with corporate monies and all of the monies (or at lease most of the monies) simply disappeared and the CEO doesn’t know where they are.

My first thought was, is one of these tragedies any worse than the other? Here’s what I have come up with so far– in the situation with M F Global, farmers and other people with temporary surplus monies that they were investing to increase their investment potential when next year’s crop time rolled around were unaware that their hard earned money was being invested in high risk foreign bond issues in countries that have been in the news for some time as being high risk.

The similarities between that situation and the one where our government took our tax dollars and made what many experts said was a high risk loan to the company whose business model predicted failure in the immediate future were startling. We investors, who paid our taxes according to the code had no idea that that money would be invested in a solar energy company. How naïve of us, that we didn’t realize that it is now the business of the United States government to invest in companies that ordinary venture capital companies will not touch to invest the tax dollars you a nice send to Washington DC.

So we have two examples of people investing their money in things they do not understand or have working knowledge of. What can we do about both or either one of these examples of bad investment?

Every two years we vote for somebody new or maybe for the old guy or gal who promises they will do things different in the coming session of the U.S. Congress. The farmer who had the excess funds to invest until next years planting trusted the security salesman when he told him he couldn’t lose.

Due diligence.  It’s a term all of us need to reacquaint ourselves with. Simply put, it means study your facts and information available to you before you invest your money and before you cast your vote.

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We can debate the presidents decision to pull most of our troops out of Iraq and probably never get a unanimous opinion.  We seem to be bent on leaving 11,000+- “Contractors” behind at considerable higher costs that we pay our men and women in uniform, but it remains to be seen whether they will be effective.  A little known fact is the existence of multiple numbers of diplomatic offices being left behind staffed by members of the diplomatic corps.  There are reportedly 1,300+ diplomatic personnel in three different locations within close proximity to Iran.  They receive rocket attacks daily and sooner or later, when there is no one but Iraqi police to protect them, it is predicted one or more will suffer heavy casualties.  When that occures, will our military come back in to rescue our diplomats; probably.  We should have learned by now how much more difficult it is to withdraw from a danger zone than it was going in.

The one thing you and I can do is pray for the men and women who will be left in harms way.  There is also a way we can help those that have already served and came back home with bodies torn apart by the ravages of war.  Our medical professionals have worked miracles in repairing the bodies and equipping the wounded with the best chance of resuming some semblance of normal in their lives back home.  Artificial limbs with amazing functionality have contributed hard-to believe abilities to these men and women.  The costs of such a program is staggering and without private help will not get to all who need it.

The Wounded Warriors program is doing a heroic job of raising money to assist in the effort.  Two organizations have come to my attention that are helping WW raise the money and urge everyone to help the helpers.  Bill O’riley on Fox News Chanel and will welcome your assistance.  The money goes directly, and is sometimes matched, to the effort and the results make you proud to help.  The best Christmas gift you can give!  Do it today!

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Focus on Washington (Wa. not DC)

Everybody has their political radar tuned to the antics of President Obama on the left and the dizzying rise and fall of the (how many are there?) republicans seeking the mandate to oppose him.  It’s the way of the media to keep our attention on this political battleground, because it is simpler and less expensive to cover one theater of operation than fifty states, and the many campaigns in each.

While the presidential campaign is facinating, there are campaigns being formed in many of the states that may produce as much, or more, real impact on the electorate.  One example is in the state of Washington, in the contest for Governor.  The present governor, Christine Gregiore, is finishing her second term, which began under a controversial result of vote counts in the 2008 election.  Her eight years as governor was marked by legislation and policies that many vue as destructive to our basic rights and long term prosperity of our economy.

Simultaneously, Rob McKenna is completing his second term as Washington Attorney General and has begun an aggressive campaign for governor.  During his tenure as AG, McKenna joined six other AGs in the lawsuit against the implimentation of “Obama-care” health plan.  One of the provisions that disturb McKenna most is the mandate for individuals to purchase the insurance product; a clear indicator of McKenna’s concern for constitutional compliance of any law.

There are many actions taken by McKenna during the two terms as Attorney General that indicate his basic principles that would guide him as governor.  In this blog, I will attempt to relay those principles to my readers and illustrate why it is so important we not get so preoccupied with presidential politics that we ignore a contest, the outcome of which may have equal, and as negative an impact on Washingtonians.


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Getting past the smoke and mirrors

A month from now, we will be through the holidays and beginning the year 2012. The political campaign for President of the United States, which has seemed pretty intense up till now, will go to warp speed. The number of Republicans seeking the nomination will gradually decline but the disinformation presented to the public by the mainstream media will persist.

We have seen one after another assume the lead position against Romney and then after a week or two succumbed to the latest revelations brought out by the media causing their standing in the polls to plunge. I don’t know who these people are that the polls talk to but they seem to be susceptible to change according to how the wind blows.

I have been a practitioner, a student, and a committed observer of our government and the political process in this country for 50 years. I have seen the size of our government mushroom over those years. It not only increasingly consumes the productivity of our citizens but simultaneously imposes rules, regulations, prohibitions of all kinds that limit our ability to produce and create.

We have reached a tipping point. If steps are not taken to dismantle the bureaucracies that now dominate our lives and take too much of our productivity we will slide in to the system that makes us even more dependent on our government for our daily bread and for our liberties. The basic rights that our Constitution said we derived from our Creator.

Regarding the Republican primary contest, everyone seems to agree that Newt Gingrich is the “smartest man in the room” and he is currently leaping into the lead over Romney by double digits. Already we hear that he did consulting work for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The assumption in the popular media concludes that he had to of been telling them how to avoid regulations and laws that were meant to limit them in their activities. He maintains that he advised them not to make the no-cost, no qualify loans that they were contemplating in response to laws passed by Frank and Dodd and company. Frank announced last week that he will not seek reelection. Suspicious timing that he would get off the target just as a firing squad was being assembled.

What were going to see a lot of in the next couple of weeks is more smoke and mirrors regarding Gingrich. Innuendos and charges without facts to back them.

I’m persuaded that the circumstances in our country today are requiring, “the smartest man in the room” to dismantle the destructive shadow government and oppressive regulations that have been imposed by this administration. I suggest that we all study Gingrich carefully in the next few weeks; not to learn more about his divorces and personal love life but to hear the specifics on his concept of solutions to return our economic and government apparatus back into the hands of the citizens of this great land. Something bold and something extraordinarily brave is going to be required to reverse our direction.

It’s time to put a captain at the helm that knows where the mines are floating and what direction the torpedoes are being fired, and navigate us back to safe waters.  Gingrich has demonstrated in the past, through his “contract with America”, that he is willing and capable of bold initiatives. Educate yourselves on how Gingrich could implement both solutions to today’s problems, and I think we can make him more than the flavor of the month.

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This is my introductory contribution to my blog.  I hope my words  will contribute clarity to the conversation that try’s to find meaning and direction in our efforts to understand, and then influence the forces that push against our lives and trys to move us in one direction or the other.

In this space, I’ll try to base my comments on beliefs I’ve been taught, and lessons I’ve learned and truths that seem evident.  It will not always be profound but always honest, sometimes just fun.

So once you find me, don’t loose me.  I’ll always value your company.

Bill Kinkade

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